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Simone Scialdo Krasan compels audiences with her riveting true story of survival and loss, after one fateful night that forever altered the course of her life. In 1991, Simone fell overboard an Italian ferry and plummeted 40 feet into the Adriatic Sea. Through unwavering determination, calmness, and faith, she endured 18 hours before being miraculously rescued.

Her story caught the eye of global news outlets, with coverage extending to Women's World magazine and a feature appearance on The Oprah Show. Today, Simone resides in Austin, Texas, alongside her husband and three incredible children. Although she has made a complete recovery, the experience remains etched in her memory. She knows what it is to be lost, and then found. She knows what it is to find love, lose it, and find it again. She knows the feeling of floating on faith, holding onto hope as the only real life raft.

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Simone regards her time at sea as a gift, an exercise in resilience that has shaped her life and her values. She uses this blessing to help others, serving as an inspirational speaker at women's retreats and conferences, churches, corporations, university forums – sharing her insights for living a deeper, more purposeful life.
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"Your story of survival and hope was inspiring and your resolve to live a more meaningful life resonated with all our members. We have had an overwhelming response as to how much our attendees appreciated you. You completely captivated all 200 of our organization’s middle and high school girls and their mothers – which isn’t easy to do! Thank you for sharing." 
- Chrissy Mattox
"When Simone spoke during our luncheon, it felt like a boost of girl power. Her story wasn't just inspiring; it is scary and emotional. Hearing how she tackled obstacles with guts and grit reminded us that we've all got that same fire inside of us. Simone's talk was a reminder that together, as a bunch of kickass ladies, we're unstoppable."
- Women of CAG
"I hired Simone Scialdo Krasan as a keynote speaker at my event, and everyone was captivated by her story. She had everyone in the room on the edge of their seats, crying, laughing, and in awe of her bravery. Through her near-death experience, Simone shares what she learned and why it matters to us all. From a small luncheon of 20 people to a corporate event for 2000 people, Simone will move, inspire, and motivate everyone. She compels audiences with her riveting true story of survival and loss, and shows you that anything is possible. Everyone should hear her story." 
- Laura Mathis, Executive Communication Coach
"Simone shared a harrowing yet uplifting tale of survival that left a lasting impact on everyone in the room. Her bravery and resilience were truly inspiring, as she recounted the challenges she faced during those critical moments. What stood out was not just the survival aspect but the profound lessons she drew from the experience, turning adversity into triumph."
- Chelsea Gonzales
“It really was a gift to hear your story and hear you speak! I was so touched! Thank you for sharing this with us.” 
- Allison Sallee
“Your story of survival, not only in the sea, but in the life you lead after the accident inspires me to push through the hard parts of life and get back to a place of wonder, joy and peace. Heartbreaking, gripping, and funny. Hope to see your memoir in bookstores soon.”
- Karen May
“I had the pleasure of hearing Simone give her personal story at a National Charity League gathering recently. She delivered it in such a personal and reciprocal manner, it felt as if we were having a casual conversation in our living room.” 
- Kim Noonan
“Wow, what a story! I especially liked what you said about believing in yourself and trusting your inner voice. I’m just starting to realize how important that really is.” 
- Stephanie Dussling

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" The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the Sea. " - Isak Dinesen
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